Monday, October 1, 2007

About Me

I was born in Connecticut, and moved to Ohio, Virginia, and Alabama all before the age of 5. My family stayed put in AL for 11 years until we moved to Utah, at which point I came to love the lack of humidity and cockroaches, and wondered what fry sauce was (I'm still not entirely sure).

Although neither of us lived in the district, Dan and I attended the same high school for its IB (ahem, nerdy) program. Although we had a similar group of friends, our school was big enough that we didn't meet until a DECA competition (did I mention the nerdy?) at the Salt Lake Community College. After that, we spent many nights studying chemistry (the jokes, they are many, and all of very high quality) and discussing the Book of Mormon.

We continued as "special friends" through the rest of high school, and ended up attending the same college, although not intentionally (well, we went there intentionally. we did not go there for each other intentionally.). We both studied marketing; Dan added international relations, management, and legal studies, while I included music and psychology.

Dan went on a mission for our church, I studied abroad and worked, and then we decided to get married after Dan told a joke about a grape. A year after we got married, we left our beloved Philly for our new home of Washington, DC. We like having family close by and the free museums, and dislike the sports teams.

By day, Dan works for the government. I got my MBA and now work part-time from home in education consulting while watching our baby boy, Nat.

I love to cook, and care more than is probably interesting about natural and whole foods. I've succeeded in convincing Dan that it's generally worth the effort of spending more time than it takes to heat a frozen dinner. So much so that he now makes me special meals and ice cream. I try to return the favor by experimenting with new recipes and sometimes succeeding, although he even ate the gelatinous and flavorless polenta that one time. That's true love. I also get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from updating and keeping to a budget. You totally want to be my friend now, don't you?

I love music, and play and teach the violin. We used to sing in the Mormon Choir of Washington DC, but it turns out a 7pm rehearsal time doesn't work so well with a baby. I love to read, and have mostly upgraded from the Nancy Drew books of my youth, although not always. I like fashion more than my wallet and social anxiety like to admit, although the 21 Day Challenge helped me feel less self conscious about trying new things.

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