Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Firsts

Some of you may be appalled at this, but neither Dan nor I have ever had a fresh tree for Christmas before. But as this is our first Christmas together and we both love the idea of a real tree, we decided to go for it. So we bought our very first real Christmas tree last night! It is so adorable. It's a little 5' Frasier Fir and it's the cutest thing ever. I went a little overboard in using extra branches to decorate the whole place. And then we hung ornaments, the first being a lovely "Our First Christmas" engraved photo one from a wonderful friend. And then we started dancing to Christmas music. And then Preethi died of bliss.

The end.

In other news, we're having our seminary Christmas party tomorrow night, and we're playing/singing in our stake performance of Handel's Messiah on Sunday night. If you live in the Philly area, you should definitely come! It will be really fabulous. My parents are coming up for it, for which I'm so excited. Especially because that means we can take them to Scannicchio's. :) Then only one more week before Christmas break! Hurray!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


First, mine: I love Delilah, and not just since the onset of my old age. There. I said it.

Hers, from last night:

Random Woman Calling into the Radio Show: Hi, Delilah!
Delilah: Hi, [insert name of Random Woman Calling into the Radio Show]! What can I do for you tonight?
RWCitRS: Well, a lot of times I get kind of moody and cranky. We have 5 children with the 6th on the way, and I'd just like to thank my husband for always putting up with and being kind to me.
D: Wow! Six children! You've been pregnant or nursing almost all of your adult life!
RWCitRS: Yes, I have!
D: Are you Mormon or Catholic?
RWCitRS: Catholic!

Two's company, at least.