Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 Months

Dear Tiny,
Oh my oh my, how is it possible that you are four whole months old? Have your dad and I really managed to keep you alive and happy for that long? We are so grateful for you and cannot imagine life without you.

This month has been the most fun of all. You have gotten ever so giggly recently - everything is funny to you, be it changing your diaper or blowing raspberries on your neck or kissing your cheek. Your smile is instantaneous and infectious - it is one of my very favorite qualities about you. I like to think you inherited your inability to keep your emotions off your face from me, and, lucky for us, that emotion usually includes being thrilled with everyone and everything about you. I wonder whether you'll always be this social, but for now, we're loving it.

On the flip side of flirting with everyone around you, though, this month has also had you becoming more and more attached to us. You get so excited whenever you see us, even if only a night of sleep has separated us from your view. While you enjoy playing with others, you get especially excited to return to our arms. Just know that we are even happier to have you there. You also sometimes just enjoy having some personal time - on occasion, if you're being a little fussy, we'll put you down on your playmat and you'll contentedly play and wiggle for some time by yourself. Perhaps you're an introvert in the making, enjoying interaction but also needing some "me time."
(Is it bad if I kind of think your pout is ridiculously cute? Also, your eyelashes are wicked long.)

Speaking of your playmat, you've finally started to really love it. There is a monkey hanging from it, and you particularly enjoy grabbing his tail. In general, this month has marked the beginning of the "grabby" phase, closely coupled with the "open mouth, insert everything" phase. We think you may be teething a bit, but no little incisors have pushed through quite yet. This is particularly dangerous, considering you have also been rolling up a storm for the past month. On the subject of inserting foreign objects into your mouth, you've started to accept small quantities of pumped milk in a bottle - hooray! (Many thanks to Maren for the Breastflow bottle suggestion.)
This month has also marked the introduction of you wearing "real" clothes. For the first several months of your life, we couldn't be bothered to change you out of your sleepers. Recently, though, I've discovered what fun it is to put you in some cute little boy clothes. It has been fun to see you in them for the one time you wear them before outgrowing them.

You've also started going to bed earlier this month. Unfortunately, this also means that you wake up earlier - often at times when we are still fast asleep. Perhaps we need to start hitting the sack at 8:30, as well - it would probably help with seminary, anyway.
Most of all, you continue to be a comfort and a joy to all those around you. You have a way of distilling peace in tense situations, and it is impossible to be sad around you. Whenever I see your little face smiling up at me, it melts my heart, and I count my blessings that you are mine and I am yours, forever.


4 Month Stats:
Length: 25" (50th percentile)

Weight: 13 lbs, 5 oz (25th percentile)

PS - I finally updated the below post with some baby blessing/cradle ceremony pictures.