Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost as cool as last V-day

So I admit it, I'm a grinch - I've never believed in Santa Claus (the subject for a later post) and I don't like Valentine's Day. But this year, we went down to Houston to witness the wedding of our friends Manny & Lorie and oh it was so wonderful.

A) We got to see them get hitched! They were so happy and so relaxed, which I loved. Always the sign of a good relationship, I think.

B) We got to hang out with our fabulous friend Cynthia and her equally cool boyfriend Carlo. We ate and walked around and chatted and, importantly, listened to the Valentine's Day CD Making Contest contenders. I'm embarrassed to admit that this has been a bi-annual tradition for six. years. now. Yeesh.

C) It was warm! Joy of joys!

D) We got to dance the night away at their reception. I never danced in high school until I met Dan. He was just so uninhibited and just worried about having fun rather than how he looked or, um, running into other dancers, that I just couldn't help myself. I've loved dancing ever since, and he makes me feel comfortable enough to do it in public.

E) We saw a really fabulous Byzantine fresco museum and a lovely lovely sculpture garden. Where we read a book in the aforementioned warmth of the sun.

F) We had the adrenaline-pumping experience of almost missing our flight. Abnormally, we were at the airport a full 2 hours in advance because Houston is super spread out and we couldn't find a restaurant other than McDonald's within walking distance. So we figured we might as well go to the airport and eat there. So we get there and because of the (again aforementioned) warmth (do you see a theme emerging?), we sat outside on the grass for a while and read a book (theme numero dos). We go inside with a full hour and a half to spare and leisurely eat our dinner. Except, um, it was a bit too leisurely. Dan eventually glances down at his phone clock at 6:47. Yeah, our flight was scheduled to depart at 6:55. We frantically gather up our half-eaten food and start towards our gate, at which point we hear our names announced over the intercom. I race ahead (Dan is kindly carrying, oh, uh, ALL our luggage) to keep them from closing the doors on us and, thank heavens, we make it. But by this point, every single non-middle seat is taken and we have no chance at sitting next to each other. :( :( But about half an hour into the flight, Dan glances across the row at me and motions that his very very kind seatmate with whom he's been chatting has offered to trade up his lovely window for my middle seat across the aisle. Not gonna lie, a teensy tear of surprise and joy may or may not have escaped.

G) We met these cuties at the Houston Arboretum Discovery Center.

(PS - I even TRIED to upload pictures this time. But my computer is having nothing of it.)

(PPS - See here for last year's festivities. Because we all know it's cooler to celebrate 100 days until your wedding than Valentine's Day. Dang it, I just realized that this was supposed to be an annual thing.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Maybe this is TMI

The scene: Ladies' room at my work.
The time: 3pm-ish, aka a high time of ladies' room usage (does anyone else notice how there are certain hours that just seem busier than others?)

I walk into the restroom, minding my own business, and walk down to the far stall (the big one) because it's roomier. Maybe that's weird, but who doesn't want a bigger bathroom? Anyway, I turn into the stall (the door to which is WIDE open), and stop abruptly, as there is a woman standing in there talking on her cell phone. I was so startled that I just stopped, and then I paused, expecting her to walk out or something. But she just stood there and continued to talk on the phone while I stood there.

So after a few seconds of her using the stall for her chatting, I go to another stall. The woman stands in the stall for another minute or so, after which she begins pacing between the stall and the sink area, all the while talking about some very sick relative or friend or something, all while I and other people continue to walk in and out of the restroom.

Am I the only one who finds this terribly, terribly strange??

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Stars and Stripes

Let's just start out by saying that Jennifer Hudson is awesome. She's beautiful, has enough 'tude to keep things interesting, and, obvi, this gal has some pipes. She has a voice that I like - it's big without being aggressive, and she has a phenomenal amount of control. That's one of the things I love most in a singer.

That said, I just didn't love her rendition of the national anthem on Sunday. To me, this is about something so sacred, so moving, that I just don't want someone to belt it. I most admire those who have every capacity to belt, but don't. I love when individuals sing it and it leaves you thinking, "Wow, I love those words and the heroes of this early country. I love that it was, in fact, the enemy's fire that allowed this symbol of success and freedom to be seen through the night," instead of, "Yeah!!!! That singer is awesome!!!" I'd even allow that showing off has its place; this, however, is not it. Mind you, being reverent does not always mean being quiet, but to me, it does mean being thoughtful and not getting in the way of the song itself. On that note, it drives me crazy when everyone starts clapping before the end of it!

Regardless, I did still tear up round about the last line. I thought I'd make it the whole way through for once. Um, apparently not.

PS - Was anyone else as sad for the Cardinals as I was? :(