Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Stars and Stripes

Let's just start out by saying that Jennifer Hudson is awesome. She's beautiful, has enough 'tude to keep things interesting, and, obvi, this gal has some pipes. She has a voice that I like - it's big without being aggressive, and she has a phenomenal amount of control. That's one of the things I love most in a singer.

That said, I just didn't love her rendition of the national anthem on Sunday. To me, this is about something so sacred, so moving, that I just don't want someone to belt it. I most admire those who have every capacity to belt, but don't. I love when individuals sing it and it leaves you thinking, "Wow, I love those words and the heroes of this early country. I love that it was, in fact, the enemy's fire that allowed this symbol of success and freedom to be seen through the night," instead of, "Yeah!!!! That singer is awesome!!!" I'd even allow that showing off has its place; this, however, is not it. Mind you, being reverent does not always mean being quiet, but to me, it does mean being thoughtful and not getting in the way of the song itself. On that note, it drives me crazy when everyone starts clapping before the end of it!

Regardless, I did still tear up round about the last line. I thought I'd make it the whole way through for once. Um, apparently not.

PS - Was anyone else as sad for the Cardinals as I was? :(


whitney.evan said...

Great game. I was sad for the Cardinals as well. I did get your package-thank you so much! We were kind of weirded out at first cause it didn't say who it was from but I did some investigating and when Kelly told me you did the same thing when Brett's baby was born the mystery was solved. Thanks so much its so cute! :)

Zack said...

1) No. No one was sad when the Cardinals lost.

2) They need to change the national anthem from "The Star Spangled Banner" to "America the Beautiful." I've thought this for nine years or so and really thought they should have done it after 9/11. Go read the lyrics. It's a much more fitting tribute to our nation.

3) What we heard and everyone heard were recordings of Hudson and Hill.

4) The Star-Spangled Banner is in 3/4 and I hate it when everyone sings 4/4 arrangements of it. She switched to the original 3/4 for the end. Perhaps that's why you enjoyed the end of it.

Umm, yeah.... I'm kind of a nerd about these things. And oh yeah 5) If the Church is going to keep the Star Spangled Banner in the Hymn books in the USA, they should put the third verse in it too instead of skipping to the fourth. (Fitting, the word verification right not is "averse" as in "a verse.")

Malinda said...

Nope, I was not sad for the Cardinals one bit. OK, OK, so they did get a lot of calls against them - some being very questionable. And then there was the time Harrison decked the Cardinals player. Otherwise, nope...completely proud of my Steelers.

And while I didn't wear my Troy jersey to church, I did wear it with my skirt to Break the Fast. I let one of my friends wear my Hines Ward jersey as well. We got some funny looks.

johnny said...

i was sad for the cardinals. but the steelers played a great game, too. it was a thrilling game to watch, and one where i just had to watch it unfold without taking sides.

Natalie said...

Zack, your #1 is a lie! :) We were watching it with him, Preethi, and don't worry, Robert and I were sad. :)

I was actually distracted from the actual song by Hudson's personal story. This was her first public performance since her horrible tragedy last year. In that sense, I was inspired by her total confidence, and really hoped that it was a triumphant moment for her to show she is overcoming her sorrows. In that sense, I guess her personality totally hi-jacked the song for me. Lol. Sorry flag. But really, isn't that a great American story? :)

katie said...

No way. GO STEELERS!!!

Anonymous said...

I was SO SAD for the Cards, I was pulling strongly for them...

preethi said...

Zack - While I like "America the Beautiful," I vastly prefer the current national anthem for reasons that are way too long for a comment to my own post. :) But I TOTALLY agree about the 3/4 time thing...that drives me BONKERS when they do that.

Natalie - thanks for pointing that out about her personal story. True, definitely an all-around American. But still. :)

And I'm happy to hear that an abundance of Steelers fans were happy, even in this green-happy city. But I'm still sad for the underdog. I mean, really - 6??