Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know, it's been 3 weeks. Wedding planning/finals/work are stressful. In the event that you've been faithfully checking, thanks! If not, maybe you'll return by the word of our millions of readers who will undoubtedly loudly broadcast our return. I also enjoy self-deceit.

Recent fun happenings:

  • We went to a Phillies game a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of the General. We had awesome seats right behind home plate. More importantly, they were right behind a guy who would turn around and yell to the entire crowd "Let's Go Flyers!!" every time the simultaneously playing Flyers made a goal, etc. Yay for Philly phans being all-around Philadelphia athletic team supporters.
  • My office has a kickball team, Team BooBerries. We are thus far undefeated. I now feel validated as a team member since I can bring Dan along, who is actually good at kickball, which I am not. We also have t-shirts and purple sweatbands. Be jealous.
  • My sister is visiting (hi Pri!)! Very exciting. Much fun has ensued. Much food has been consumed.
  • We had a surprise mission call party for David, Richard, and Joe. Richard has his call to the France Paris North mission, and the other two are awaiting theirs, so we had a French-inspired party. Audrey brought French music, and I and others cooked French food, such as tartes aux poireaux, a tarte au chocolat, a goat cheese salad, and a vegetable gratin. Others brought a tomato/cheese/olive quiche, chocolate mousse, crepes, cookies, cakes, and other yummy things.
  • We had my shower and bachelorette party this past Saturday! Both were beyond fun. Thanks SO much to Pri and Nastya for putting everything together, and my wonderfully sweet mom for coming up for it (and the day before Mother's Day!). The shower involved fun games, yummy food, and awesome presents. The bachelorette party involved karaoke in our own personal room with our group. SO FUN. Wow.
  • Wedding planning is almost OVER.
  • We bought paint for our apartment last night!

Sad news:

  • There's this really awesome Mexican place called Tortillas by my work. Every week, they host Taco Tuesdays, during which all their yummy soft and hard tacos are $1. Included in the price are homemade chips and salsa (including a vast salsa bar). Today we went over and walked in the door, only to see a notice that Taco Tuesdays are SUSPENDED. I am not even kidding, I almost cried.
  • My dress was supposed to be ready today. Now it won't be ready until Thurday, after Priya leaves. I realize that she'll see it in a week, but I really wanted her to see it before 2 days prior to the wedding. Alas.

Anyway, as the ticker shows, we're one week and 4 days (or 11 days) away from W-Day. WOW.