Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rude Awakening

Oh, I'm sorry, what was that?  It's January 25th and it's been over a month since we've posted?  And the holidays are over?  Alas.  I think I figured that if I put this off as long as possible, I'd find that Christmas break was really just starting.

In any case, things really aren't as bad as that makes them sound.  We've actually had a lovely time returning to Philadelphia and grow ever more fond of it.  We had a truly fantastic break that involved lots of sleeping, family time, reading, cooking, temple-going, was really very lovely.  We're happy to have entered our first full year of marital life and have kicked 2009 into gear already by taking a day trip to Princeton/NYC this past Saturday (also our 8-month anniversary, celebrated at Cuba Libre) to spend some time with the fabulous Steve & Mickie and hosting Dan's brother Jonathan + Girlfriend Tabitha the weekend before. Several other good things have happened thus far in January:
  • Dan has started a capoeira class, while Preethi will be taking her very first ever dance class (ballet).
  • We saw the movie Valkyrie.  Really fantastic, and unbelievably historically accurate.
  • Dan was called as the new Elders' Quorum President.
  • Preethi has been accepted to Georgetown.
  • We watched The Brave Little Toaster.  "And gwumpy!"
  • We made Moroccan food for the first time.  It was quite easy and delicious.
  • We were reunited with all our wonderful branch friends, and had our favorite Primary-ites literally run to us to give us a hug our first day back.
  • We obtained multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
Stay tuned.


johnny said...

So much good news -

I'm excited to hear how your ballet and Dan's capoeira classes go - I like to move it move it and I hope you do, too!

Congratulations on your Georgetown acceptance! Is that a definite thing or are you waiting on other responses as well?

I just ate Moroccan food for the first time and found it deeeeelicious! Do you mind sharing your recipe?

I probably should've emailed you instead of posting an epic comment on your blog :-)

Kylene said...

I'm glad you found my recipe blog and left a comment. I don't know if I have your email address, so email it to me at and I'll invite you to our blog. :) P.S. I LOVE the Brave Little Toaster.

whitney.evan said...

YAY GEORGETOWN!!! congrats!

John and Karisa said...

Georgetown???! All right! You just kind of slipped that one in the middle of the list-- that should have been the title! Wow! So when do you start? Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

Lizzie and James said...

I am still mad I didn't get my cookies yet. :-(

Becca said...



And I've always wanted to take a ballet class. I'm quite jealous, I must say.

Congrats on Georgetown! Not a small deal. ;)

Natasha said...

Congratulation on getting into Georgetown. What are you planning on studying? It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun planned.

Malinda said...

this was worth the wait! so many great things! congrats on georgetown! so, you're accepted but is that where you've decided to go???

Missy Johnson said...

Moroccan food!

Did Mike call you yet?

preethi said...

I'm so sorry for the delayed response! Please see below.

Christiane - I can't wait for ballet! It starts Thursday. :) Also, I kinda think you would adore capoeira. Georgetown is not a definite, but it is very, very likely. (How about you? Philly???) I'd be happy to share my recipe! If you can call it mine at's where I get 89% of my recipes (though maybe less now with the recent acquisition of a fabulous vegetarian cookbook): I definitely should have just emailed you.

Thank you to all of you for your very, very sweet thoughts and congratulations! :) It's not a definite yet, but I will keep you posted.

Meesh - Mike hasn't called yet. :(

Maxine said...

Hey, congratulations on Georgetown! That's truly awesome! Sounds like you guys had a pretty killer month. You guys are just so cool.

(p.s. I want a tagine)