Friday, February 22, 2008

La Neige

Philadelphia doesn'treally believe in plowing the roads when it snows, and the roads I take to work are pretty windy. Which means that if it does snow, we get to work from home! I was starting to get worried that the season would pass by without such a treasure, but right now, a glorious 4" of the white stuff is lying outside my door.

Plus, the snow just makes it feel all warm and cozy and inviting inside.

I'm kinda glad Philly hasn't taken a page from Salt Lake's book and actually figured out how to make the city still work during bad weather.

I love the snow.

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Jonathan said...


We are so thrilled that you are in the blogosphere. Of course Alex and I will avidly check yours and keep up to date. We will add this page to our favorites and check it every couple days if not every day. We love to keep up with friends.