Tuesday, March 3, 2009


7:00 am - I awake and peek out the window. Seeing a bit of snow (but not enough to keep me tied to my home), I lament the fact that I didn't bring my work computer home over the weekend.

7:40 am - I leave and walk out into the frosty morning. Dan, who has thoughtfully accompanied me, joins me in de-snow/icing our car.

7:53 am - I pull out of our parking lot onto the slippery but manageable roads.

8:25 am - I make it to the art museum (approximately a 4-mile drive).

8:45 am - Still driving.

9:00 am - Still driving. I'm halfway there.

9:10 am - I get to one uncleared road and pull over because I'm skidding that snowy skid all over the place. I make an executive decision not to risk the one-way tunnel I typically use. I call my manager as I pause at a Starbucks to see how conditions progress.

9:55 am - I finish my peppermint Signature hot chocolate as well as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I rejoice in its beauty but feel my shoulders droop a I realize it has finished.

10:20 am - I make it to the office, having taken a different route.

10:23 am - I turn on my computer.

10:30 am - My computer continues to try to turn on.

10:33 am - Blue screen of death.

10:35 am - I call the help desk.

10:36 am - I hear a recorded message telling me that the help desk is currently down.

10:37 am - I ask Sarah, the office guru, about what to do. She knows nothing about the BSoD, but hands me a spare laptop.

10:38 am - I return to my desk (still bearing the stamp of the BSoD) and plug in the spare. It refuses to turn on.

10:39 am - I return to Sarah. She walks back to my desk with me, telling me that she was having trouble with getting it to turn on last week. Hi BSoD!

10:40 am - The computer turns on! I log in.

10:41 am - The computer dies.

10:42 am - I call my manager laughing. It takes 2.5 hours to get to work, my computer dies, the help desk is down, and the spare computer dies.

10:55 am - I give up and go to the gym with Dan. We swim in the gloriously empty pool. I head to the library and then home to cuddle up with my new book.


Natasha said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Minus driving in the not so fun slippery roads, but the getting off and spending time with your hubby and a good book.

Becca said...

not the Blue Screen of Death! I'm quite jealous of the "cuddle up with my new book" part. I have a too-long list for my too-short spring break.

(julie) said...

Did you love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? I read it a few months back and loved it. We need to talk soon. I'm so excited to see you in a few weeks.

Natalie said...

Haha. What a day. :) I swear someday, all the computers and the whole Internet are suddenly going to just cease to exist, and our whole world will stop moving.