Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost settled + 5 Months

Some of you know that we just spent 3 weeks in Africa. (Yes, Africa. Yes, all 3 of us. Yes, we are rather fortunate.) As such, we are still trying to regain our groove after our absence. Pictures are forthcoming. In the meantime, below is a (late again) 5-month note.

Dear Tiny,
Most of this month was spent on the amazing continent of Africa. Yes, you are quite the spoiled baby to have visited 6 countries before turning 6 months old. While I waffled quite a bit in the beginning on whether to bring you along due to health and safety risks, your dad remained sure that it was the right thing to do, and I am SO glad for his faith and confidence. I really could not imagine this trip without you. You added so much to the fun, and you have a skill for making friends; you definitely allowed us to converse with many people with whom we would not have otherwise. The trip also solidified our thoughts that we don't really want to go off traveling for fun by ourselves - we loved having a true family vacation and can't wait for more.

This month, you have become so much more interactive (also, just plain are forever wiggling...especially on the 3-foot-high changing table...). You giggle all the time; you seem to think we are the funniest people on earth (thanks, Pup). You are fascinated by the various sounds around you, and particularly love hearing me dial or talk on the phone. Unfortunately, this has made nursing rather difficult at times, as everything around you seems just so much more interesting. Thank goodness you still enjoy being swaddled, so that I can keep you calm and restrained that way.

You continue to insert everything into your mouth, including the hands of people who hold yours (you should come equipped with a beware: baby drool sign). You've developed your fine motor skills a bit more, though, so you're now capable of inserting just your thumb or a finger into your mouth, instead of trying to jam in your entire fist. Speaking of motor skills, you are now capable of sucking on your toes, and I now must regularly change your damp socks. I wonder at what point babies stop being able to do that...

You've also continued to experiment with your vocal range. You still have your occasional high-pitched squeal, but you've added to your repertoire a frequent grunting along with a low, guttural hissing sound - something akin to what I imagine a komodo dragon to sound like. Perhaps it is something you learned from the many animals we visited in Africa? When you're not busy chatting, however, you enjoy sitting and just looking around, examining your hands, or, a particular favorite, watching Mommy cook while listening to music. Soon, you'll be old enough to help!

Most of all, we've been reminded this month of what a blessing it is to spend time with you. It was such a treat to be together as a family 24/7 and to share in your learning and new experiences. I'm grateful we can be with you forever, Pup.


(I love this picture of you because I think it describes you so well - always smiling, and always wiggling.)


Jill, Ty, Megan and Lillian Campbell said...

What brought you guys to Africa? I hope you plan on a post with some exotic pictures! :) What an awesome experience - and traveling with a child makes such a huge difference in the experience you have. I think it makes you look outside yourself more. Oh, and as far as health risks go - he can't crawl and doesn't eat anything - what could happen? Just wait til he's a toddler... ;)

He is absolutely adorable, and I love that glassy-eyed smile!

natalie said...

Africa?! Aah! Which parts?! I'm sorta forever planning my dream trip to Africa, but I don't see it happening for a long long time.

Your baby is beautiful. Still want to steal him.