Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm A Slacker But I Do Still Love My Fiance

So Dan's birthday was on April 15th. I know, that's almost a week ago. It was a crazy week. And I thought it better to actually spend time with him instead of writing about him to the Internet.

Anyway, I still want to do a "Ten Things." So to change things up a bit, I thought I'd do a "My Favorite Quirky and Random and Frivolous-in-their-Importance Things About Dan" instead of just a normal "Ten Things I Love About Dan." Because clearly I think he's brilliant and cute and hard-working, etc. etc. but I think it's about time the world knew that I'm really marrying him because of his ability to raise his un-crooked pinky fingers straight up in the air without the aid of his ring fingers.

1) He has this uncanny ability to remember things (conversations, TV shows, lectures) word-for-word. Seriously, after watching an episode of The Office, I'll have a general idea of the plot and the fact that it was funny, and I'll attempt to recreate jokes and instead end up stepping on them and pulling them in between my toes. He, on the other hand, will repeat an entire lengthy conversation between Jim and Dwight verbatim after hearing it once.

2) He humors me when I talk about how much I love the skirt/shoes/headband/toe nail polish that I'm currently sporting. He also humors me when I mention 47 times a day how much I love springtime. In fact, he humors me in a lot of things. (Our conversations tend to go something like this.)

3) He thinks Edward Monkton is funny.

4) He's in a deadlock tie for the title of Best Whistler Whose Feet Have Ever Graced Planet Earth.

5) Sometimes during prayers in church he'll try to tickle me and scratch my head to make me laugh. At home, he regularly peeks so he can ask for forgiveness of my soul when I accidentally take a sip of water because it was in my hand and I just FORGOT dangit.

6) He likes to talk about how cool his bike is for approximately 62% of each day. It's a pretty cool bike.

7) He is likely the best dancer I know. And he gets me to dance. And stop being self-conscious. In fact, I never really fast danced at a school dance EVER until the dance we attended together. He also enjoys having random dance parties.

8) He rarely falls asleep in church/class/etc. anymore, but he used to do this regularly early on in college when he was way too busy doing nice things for me to make time for sleep. He has this really cool ability to start to doze to an eye-drooping, head-nodding point, but his pen will still be writing across the page. Then, as he starts to wake up, his pen hand will start moving, and then his head will jerk up and his eyes will open. I really hope he's retained this ability. It would be cool if it were passed on to our children.

9) He starts running towards Wawa for a milkshake and can eat ice cream at any given time or place and sometimes has random cravings for French fries.

10) Finally, I love how he is handsome, unbelievably intelligent, hysterically witty, and hard-working. (For those of you who don't know yet, he applied for a Wharton venture competition and just found out he's one of three winners. That's including MBAs and grad students. For the best and most-executable new idea, complete with a monetarily large grant to work on it over the summer. Yeah, he's amazing.) He is proactive and if he sees something that needs change or improvement or help, he doesn't wait for someone else to do it. H loves his family (including me and my family) more than anything, and gets along with each one of them famously. He is without question the kindest person I know with a heart closest to God. He loves people like no one I've ever met, and has a knack for touching souls.

Love you, Bookee.


Morgan said...

I am a *massive* fan of the "writing whilst sleeping" talent that DDH has long displayed. In fact, it was one of the very first things I noticed about him back in '03!

Missy Johnson said...

I sort of have a "writing whilst sleeping" talent, but my penmanship always ends up looking like Arabic and goes down the page at a 45* angle. Hey Preethicus! I miss you! :(

preethi said...

Nags - I wrote that part specifically thinking of you!

Meesh - His writing totally looks like Arabic! You must be long lost friends.

Also, I miss you, too, Miss.

Becca and Ty said...

Uhm, definitely have an amazing page of notes from my sophomore year at the Y in which the notes trailed off... but, no joke, I wrote "need a nap" instead of whatever the teacher was saying. And the best part is I didn't even notice it until I was studying for finals. My gosh.

Liz Spangler said...

Not sure whether I should vomit at how cute this is or just in general be in awe of Big D even more. :) PS- i had NO idea about the dancing thing until bowling with him in SLC and finding out that dancing WHILE bowling a strike and doing each effortlessly is in fact possible.

Priya said...

i can DEFINITELY write while sleeping. i mean honestly, considering how much i sleep, i feel that that's an essential characteristic for me to have. which means your kids have like a 75% chance of getting the same trait.

Ashleigh said...

i really love these "ten things" lists.