Sunday, April 6, 2008

"It's like High School all over again" isn't usually such a good thing

As I near to rest my head after one more beautiful day of life, I cannot shake from my memory the image of Preethi's goodnight tonight. " I miss you" she told me, before she had even left my presence, with all the earnestness of a squirrel coveting the cashews you're holding, and my mind flooded with this unshakable memory of our life every other night in high school when parting was similarly sweet sorrow. But now, with each night, 7 years and 2 months after we first met, that love is deeper, richer, starker than it was then, like the whole moon absconding an ever more reflective pool of clear, stilled nightwater. And so I thank my God, Preethi, for the blessing of knowing you. I miss you too.


Becca and Ty said...

aawww... love this! The squirrel analogy was especially tender. :)

no really - very cute

Zachary said...

Wow, Dan!

Even I want to marry you after reading this. (I better keep ShaNae from visiting this site for the next couple days.)

Morgan said...

Yeah... I was kind of wondering when you were going to post on dan(iel)andpreethi. Score!