Friday, November 7, 2008

Pensieve-ing my post-election thoughts...

There are a lot of thoughts swimming around in my brain following Tuesday's historic election, ranging from "Hooray!" to "Boo!" to "Meh." Here are some, in no particular order:

  • It's over! Finally, maybe my morning NPR listenings will contain more about the economy than which candidate says the other has been unanimously voted Most Likely to Deep Fry Babies and Eat Them with Honey Mustard.
  • Perhaps this is entirely blasphemous, but the whole "black" thing didn't matter to me all that much. As in, I guess it never seemed that far-fetched to me. I'm now more inclined to think I am just blessed with the people I'm around, to whom skin color is really just not that big a deal. Unless they're jealous of someone else's tan. That said, I think it's awesome that we finally have a president of this amazingly melting-pot-alicious country that's not a balding white male. Just male. And we'll see how long he lasts without the balding.
  • Sara Palin will now be free to take up the SNL post of Sara Palin as Tina Fey as Sara Palin. (And won't be VP. Hallelujah! And seriously, as my mom says, can go take up acting or something about which she knows more than the average 2nd grader. And did I mention she won't be VP?)
  • I'm interested to see what we can accomplish globally with foreign leaders feeling blatantly more friendly right about now.
  • I'm excited to see Pres.-elect Obama garner some of that "experience" about which so many are concerned. I look forward to seeing him use his past perspective in his youth and collegiate years for the good of the country.


  • I'm definitely not psyched at the prospect of having a Democratic Congress and executive branch. I generally think that's a bad idea, but I particularly think so in this type of economic climate. Let's hope they don't make any impetuous decisions that we'll all later regret.
  • I'm sad that the recent history of the Republican party severely got in Sen. McCain's way.
  • I hope we are able to curtain spending instead of letting it burgeon. I hope we give capitalism the resources it needs and let it do its job.
  • I hope we cut our new president some slack and give him time to fulfill his promises.
  • I hope we are not rash about how we approach the wars.

Other Thoughts:

  • I've heard a ton of people in the last few days say things along the lines of "This is the first time I feel like an American!" or "America has betrayed me. I'm moving to Canada."
  • First off, as if moving to Canada is going to help! You certainly didn't see either candidate getting fed up and taking off and giving up. Seriously, it's selfish and immature on either side to be like, okay, "something's happened that I don't like so I'm going to take off," or "this is awesome! I'm only staying because of this". Too many people have struggled to make this country better, and continue to do so each day, for us to just expect everything to be perfect and to give up when it's not. Perhaps we should be willing to sacrifice just a smidgen of what others have...
  • Secondly, America as an entity is not about one single president - he or she shouldn't dictate whether you feel like an "American." Really, it's not even just about the people (though it does COME from the people); it's about principles. It's about values. It's about what we've stood for in the past, for what this nation was founded, and for what it continues to stand. Seriously, I really dislike fair-weather patriots. [Stepping off soapbox.]

For what are you most excited/unexcited?


Natalie said...

I am excited by political Preethi. :) I wish you'd speak up more, share some of that wisdom you have in overflowing quantities. :)

I definitely realize the dangers of one-party rule, as you described. I think it was part of why much of Bush's presidency was so abysmal.

However, I'm also excited that it opens the possibility of some serious changes happening that would be impossible otherwise. I'm thinking principally here of the Employee Free Choice Act, which I am basically dying to see become law. I guess it's a little selfish, but I want the Dem's to have a strong majority for just a few years so that they can get it passed.

I am excited about the Dem. majority now because they are coming from the position of the minority. This usually makes groups act according to their ideals for at least a few years (as the GOP Congress did back in '94). I hope it doesn't continue too long, because then they will lose that freshness and become more corrupt (like the GOP Congress in 2005 :P).

What I am most unexcited for is the political fallout that is already manifesting itself from Prop. 8. I expect things to get very ugly on very many levels. :(

Natalie said...

Oh, also.

INCREDIBLY excited for the closure of Guantanamo Bay. I hope it happens January 21st.

Maxine said...

Great post! I'm excited for many of the same things you are - the chance for our nation to heal some wounds, both foreign and domestic.

I do have to admit, though, that I've been more preoccupied with Prop 8 than with the presidential election. It's downright scary hearing firsthand some of the things that are happening to members of the church in CA. Old people are being punched, the temple closed down and its patrons escorted to their vehicles by police, very disturbing hate crime and death threats popping up all over the internet. Protesters are surrounding Temple Square today. I've never felt more fulfillment of scripture than I do now. It's scary. I think members of the church are about to see why nearly every talk in General Conference focused on hope and faith during times of adversity. I feel so much sorrow for those whose hearts are filled with so much hatred.

Alex said...

I am glad that I can watch a TV show now without having four presidential commercials in a single commercial break. And also to hear something on NPR besides election coverage.

johnny said...

i love that you are so articulate and provide me with mental chews!

Becca said...

CUTE background!!

preethi said...

Um, you guys are all WAY too nice. Natalie, totally agreed on Guantanamo. Finally. Nat/Max - yes, the Prop 8 stuff is definitely scary. Maybe I'll write a post on that...the whole situation is just so tricky.

And thanks on the background, Becca. :)

Robert said...

This is a little late, but as seen onmy blog, I'm excited to see where this administration leads us with technology, and science. Bush basically shut the door on a lot of scientific advancement. ... also I can't wait for Gitmo to close, it's been a disgrace to this country and all we stand for.