Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winners + I'm a slacker

Congratulations to Malinda, Max, & Natalie! Max, please send me your address. The other two, hopefully I can just give you yours in person. :)

Also, the above-mentioned Marvelous Max tagged me eons ago. Yeah, I'm slow. Anyway, I bring you Six Random Things About Preethi. I'll try to share truly random ones, as opposed to things I find perfectly normal, like being a grammar Nazi, alphebetizing my spices, and only eating two flavors of yogurt.

  1. While I actually DO find this entirely normal, I'll share it because so many people think I am absolutely crazy for this, including my husband. I don't eat cereal with milk. There. I said it. This stems from a long-standing aversion to any and all things even remotely mushy. I cannot tolerate cereal that is anything but perfectly hard. The ONLY cereals I will eat with milk are Grape Nuts (don't tell my company) and, on occasion, a really hard granola. Honey Nut Cheerios - plain. Frosted or Honey Nut Shredded Wheat - plain. Corn Flakes - never ever ever BLECH they even get soggy in my mouth DISGUSTOID. (Random side note: when Dan got his wisdom teeth out several years ago, he decided it would be a great idea to blend all his foods so he could drink them through a straw, including cereal with milk. He continued to do this for some time after, asserting that it was way faster to drink 3 bowls of cereal than to eat them. He thought this was the best idea ever, and made me one. I took one sip and nearly hurled.)
  2. I really adore straws. I think they are so functional. I always have one in my Nalgene bottle at work, because it just makes it easier to drink from them. They are particularly useful in the car, because then you don't have to tip your bottle to drink, thus spilling on yourself 95% of the time. A friend and I once created the KPSC - the Kelly Preethi Straw Club.
  3. I am a huge stickler about not listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I've actually felt guilty the last few days because everywhere I go, it's Christmas-this and Christmas-that and Christmas music is playing and much as I know I should be vehemently opposed, I get slightly giddy. But I refuse to play any myself. Except to and from rehearsals for our stake's performance of Handel's Messiah. This is a tradition from at least my freshman year, and maybe before, that, in the spirit of the season, allows us to listen to Christmas music on the way to and from rehearsals prior to Thanksgiving.
  4. I'm only really attached to one baby name, and it is after a character in a book that I read in 6th or 7th grade, reinforced by biblical and historical figures. (Ten points to anyone who guesses it!)
  5. I really love to staple things. For some reason, the noise is really satisfying to me. For some odd reason, it reminds me of the crimping that my orthodontist used to do on my braces...I get this odd sort of pleasure out of making the same sound.
  6. I dislike clothes shopping. While I certainly love clothes (probably too much...), I really hate having to search through racks (especially disorganized ones! which is why I particularly loathe shopping in most department stores) and having to try things on - it's such a pain. It's my same issue with actually liking to be vegetarian at most restaurants because it limits the options. We once went to a vegetarian restaurant in Greece and I was really stressed with all the options.

I tag...Alex, Whitney, and Christiane.


Maxine said...

Sweet! Can't wait! I'll email you my address.

On a random but completely relevant note, Japan now makes sensory fulfillment toys - a board that simulates bubble wrap (but never deflates), something that endlessly replicates the tear strip on packages, etc. Maybe you should find this company and suggest a stapler replicator in their next line of products. Man, those Japanese sure know how to have fun!

Chris Cavendish said...

We had to shop for some big straws, because we hang out at the Zoo, where normal straws are prohibited for the saftey of the animals. We have a collection of big crazy straws and our 3yrold loves'em.

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I have some very interesting Christmas Music.
Thanks a trillion,

Andrea said...


I'm so glad I joined the Blog-world, How are you guys?

Amy Jo said...

I didn't know those things about you, they were fun to learn, AND.. that Pay It Forward idea is SO fun! I a so glad you passed it on!

Natalie said...

Yay! I'm so excited. :)

And I love the quirky things. That's what makes you Preethi. :)

Reading the sentence "I really love to staple things" made me happy.

Ashleigh said...

it's been far too long since i've read your blogs. perfect way to distract myself at 2:30am.

i especially enjoyed this one though and i really want to know this baby name you're attached to.

fiddlepri3 said...

YEAH i cant remember the name but i know i should know it

preethi said...

Nathanael, nicknamed Nat. :) Recently resolved to spell "ael" instead of "ial."