Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank you + Details

Thank you all for your sweet comments, congratulations, and for putting up with the "horrible return-from-oblivion" post. :) We appreciate your love and excitement so much!

So, for the details. Baby is due October 15th, which means it gets to be born in the midst of a beautiful DC fall and which also means it gets to gestate through the entire long and I'm sure incredibly hot DC summer. So I'll be sweating bullets, but at least it will be cozy.

I've been (thankfully) feeling really good so far. Very little nausea - only a tiny bit in the morning until I eat, at which point I am totally fine - and my other symptoms have been equally mild. Hooray!

Other than that, we are just super excited. We are on a quarter system at school, so I'm hoping to sneak in the first set of finals right before Baby's arrival, and I'm planning on taking the second quarter off for the most part (save one required class). It works out rather perfectly.

So I guess that's about it. :) Any other questions?

In other news, we took an incredibly quick trip up to Philly from Thursday afternoon-Friday afternoon. I almost got teary when we pulled into the city. Man I love that place. Three cheers for my sister-in-law going there and carrying on the Philadelphia love!


mannymacho said...

Hooray! Can our kids play together?

natalie said...

Haha. Woops. I didn't mean the post was horrible. I just really wanted more information. :) The picture of your baby was actually quite beautiful and moving.

Yay for October babies! They're the best. I would know. ;)

Oh man, I totally want to have a girls' night and just talk about pregnancy and baby names and everything. Congrats again!

Malinda said...

Whoah! I'm just now reading about this wonderful news!

John and Karisa said...

I've done some calculations, and... so you're about 3 months along? You're done with the 1st trimester? Congratulations on getting through that first part with flying colors! The rest of pregnancy is much easier than all the beginning stuff (until the last 3 or 4 weeks). We're so excited for baby Harbuck!

My mom told me the funny story about your dinner the other night (how it ended with a tornado or something!). Good thing you held onto your plates!

Alex said...

YAY! HOORAY! We are doing a happy dance!

Lizzie and James said...

OMG!!! I am so excited for you guys! I am so glad you are feeling great, and I can't wait to know what you are having!!!!! We miss you guys. oxoxox