Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As of yesterday at noon, I am officially halfway through my MBA.


a) WHOOOO!!!
b) When did that happen?

It really feels like this year has flown by. We have alternately loved DC and missed Philly dearly. But we are so grateful to be here, doing what we are doing, and so very close to family (20 minutes - 1 hour away from my parents, depending on traffic).

I enjoyed a delightful first Mother's Day with Mama B. and our wonderful husbands/dad. In honor of the occasion, Dan gave me THIS. I almost died.

We spent this past weekend in Philly. Oh lovely city and beautiful people. The main reason was for the baptism of our little friend Ka'alea. We basically want to adopt this entire family and bring them to live with us. She asked Dan to perform her confirmation, which was lovely. We had so much fun playing and hugging and cuddling in bed (Any time we are there, they make it a point to run over to our bed first thing. It is the cutest thing ever.). We also had the amazing fortune to see our dear friends Teh, Andie, Brad, and Kade for dinner, and our role models Steve & Mickie (and new little Abe) for brunch. Over the course of 2 days, we ate (or snacked) at:
  • Rita's Water Ice
  • La Viola
  • Scannicchio's (where they remembered us both on the phone and in person, gave us hugs/kisses on the cheek, remembered my favorite dish, etc. etc...yeah, I'm pretty much in love with this place)
  • Sabrina's Cafe
  • Nary's amazing kitchen
Um, yeah. It is probably a little sad that so many things I love about Philly involve food.

And now I get a month of vacation before I start my internship. Oh glorious glorious vacation.


Becca said...

Llama Llama!!! :) Love it!

Oh I miss Philly so much too. :( I had a dream the other night (when we were on the plane back from Mexico) that we had to make an emergency landing on Broad Street, but all the houses were lined/lit up like on Boathouse Row so the entire city was ridiculously gorgeous. I was sad to wake up. :(

Yay for being half way done! :)

Liz Spangler said...

I miss Philly!