Thursday, June 17, 2010

Driving in DC

I would say I've done my fair share of driving. I grew up mostly in Alabama, where kids were allowed to get a driving permit the day they turned 15, and their license when they turned 16 (no supervised driving hours - or even driver's ed - required. I dearly hope this has since changed.). I was lucky enough to be able to drive to and from school in Utah after that, and often made multiple trips around town for both me and my little sister. I didn't drive a ton through college due to living in a city with limited parking, but after graduation, I started a job that required a 45 minute - 1h15m commute each way through crowded city streets, random back ways, and winding river roads.

In all of these driving experiences, I have never met drivers worse than those in the nation's capital.

Now, I remind you - I lived in Philadelphia for 7 years, and drove 10+ hours a week for 3 of those. I lived and commuted in Los Angeles for a summer during college. I've driven in New York City, Boston, and probably at least half of the country's states. But really, DC drivers just hit an all-time low.

They regularly honk at you for not moving even when traffic is completely blocked. They get angry when you have to merge into a lane even though you have no other choice and they just did the exact same thing. And while I regularly complained about driving in Philly, drivers there were, at least, somewhat skilled, if rather aggressive. Drivers in DC are aggressive AND lack skills.

Take, for instance, a couple of days ago. I was driving down a main street by my house to pick up a friend. She lives on a relatively small street, a little bit past a stoplight. Like I had been taught, I got into the rightmost lane of the three available well ahead of time. I waited until I had made my way through the stoplight, and then turned on my right turn signal. I slowed down in order to safely make my turn. This is the point at which the woman behind me LAID on her horn for a good 10 seconds. Can somebody please explain this to me?



Maxine Parrish said...

WHEN will teleportation become available to the middle classes??

Amelia and Justin said...

I'm convinced people here honk their horn if it has been over 2 minutes since they used it last. It's ridiculous, I agree.

Janssen said...

Aggressive and lacking skills is a horrible combo, isn't it?