Monday, April 25, 2011


I think if I ever came into a large sum of money, instead of hiring a maid or a cook or something, I would hire a hair-washer. I got my hair cut yesterday, and I think I could just sit and enjoy having my scalp massaged forever. Mmm.

Here are the results:

What do you think?

Also, have you ever been so not into a trend (on yourself, at least), but then all of a sudden changed your mind? I've never liked tucked-in shirts on myself (I have a disproportionately short torso), but now all of a sudden, I've decided I love it. Yea or nay?

And a cute baby:


Morgan said...

The hair looks great and Nat looks even better! :-)

I hope you guys are well.

Maxine Parrish said...

Whoa, the doppelganger strikes again! I just got my hair cut, too! I love yours, by the way. And I love that baby of yours, too. Can I just have him? Yeah? Okay, thanks! (Also, I was just pondering the virtues of the tucked-in look this Sunday past. Why am I not surprised you were doing likewise??)

Kayla said...

It took me a while to get on board with the tucked in shirts as well. I don't think it's super flattering on my body type but now I really like it!

You look darling.

Freckles in April

Becca said...

Cute hair!! Cute baby!! Love you! Oh and I totally hadn't tucked in a shirt since elementary school until Missy told us we were tucking in our shirts at her wedding. I was seriously dumbfounded. But we all looked cute!

Dr. LaRisse Skene said...

Love it! Your baby is getting so big! We had dinner with Morgan tonight. Wish you were closer. HUGS!!