Friday, April 29, 2011


Is whole milk not one of the most delicious creations ever? It is seriously like dessert. I switched while pregnant (because some of some evidence* that whole milk is actually better for you) and I don't think I can ever go back. Dan always says he feels depressed drinking his practically-transparent skim milk next to my real milk. Yum.

Image from here.

Speaking of full-fat dairy, have you ever had Trader Joe's French Vanilla ice cream? It is pretty much the best ice cream ever invented.** And this spoken by the girl who never before would've chosen vanilla over chocolate. We got ice cream from Baskin Robbins the other day for 31 cent scoop day and were sorely disappointed. I ate about a third of mine and couldn't bring myself to eat the rest.

And yes, I did actually take time out of my day to write an ode to full-fat dairy. It would probably sadden you greatly to know how much I think about food.

*Okay, so maybe that's not the most reputable of sources, but I promise I did more research than one random blog post. I am just lazy and don't want to go find it all now.

**Come to think of it, pretty much everything from Trader Joe's is the best thing ever invented.


natalie said...

Trader Joe's stuff is good, but at least here in Seattle, they are terribly anti-union and have a pretty horrible employment track. :(

I hate it when my different values conflict.

Maxine Parrish said...

Dear Preethi,

You make me happy.

So does whole milk. But 31-cent scoop day WAS magical for me. Did you get the world class chocolate flavor? Because that's the only one worth getting, and it IS worth getting. The chocolate is much smoother than most chocolate ice creams out there, which feel a bit grainy. Oh my... Mini-ode to ice cream...