Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Are weekends not just the most glorious thing ever? (The answer to that would be yes.) This past one seemed particularly relaxing and delightful (much needed in the face of my last. week. ever. of school. please don't get me started on how much I cannot wait to be done with all these assignments that are taunting me). (Yes, I do realize that I abuse parentheticals.)

Friday marked Nat's very first library storytime. The librarian was a delightful woman named Ms. Raquel who clearly adores small children. It was for the two and under crowd, which was perfect. There was much song-singing and hand-clapping. I may have enjoyed it even more than Nat.

Saturday morning, we folded laundry while watching Tangled (yes, we are horrendously behind on pop culture). Have you seen it? Because if you haven't, I must ask you to please close your computer and go watch it right this second. It is just so delightful and charming.

Then Saturday evening, we somehow lucked into getting to go to the National Symphony with some friends from church. Because they are long-standing season ticket holders, they have seats on the third row, center section, left side. If you are familiar with concert halls, you'll know this is smack dab in front of the first violin section, and is also where any soloists stand. And the soloist that night just happened to be Sarah Chang, playing the Bruch violin concerto. Oh. My. Goodness. She was just so so spectacular. I could not get over her control and passion and the double stops! Some of you may know that I, too, play the violin, so it was a special treat for me to be about 10 feet away from her and see all her fingerings and facial expressions. Phenomenal. (Oh, and if things couldn't get better, the symphony also played Brahms Symphony No. 1. It was a good night.)

Also, for the first time (since my parents came along with us), we left Nat with some very kind friends to babysit for a whole evening. I wasn't sure how things would go, but evidently he was a perfect angel and was snoozing happily in bed when we came home. I kind of didn't know what to do with myself. Speaking of sleeping, you know how I mentioned that his has been a disaster? Well, so here's the deal: Dan and I are seminary teachers. I haven't really gone all that much since Nat came along, as I usually feel guilty waking him up at some dark and dreary hour. I had been feeling that I should go back, but his sleep was still a mess, so I'd been holding off. Then, last Wednesday, we decided to just take him, feeling that it would all work out. And I kid you not - he has slept no fewer than 10 hours straight since. Coincidence? I think not.

And finally, I just went to get Nat from his nap and found the below. He's started using a pacifier (does the word binky make anyone else grind their teeth just a little bit?) on occasion to fall asleep, and it usually falls out of his mouth in his crib. A lot of times, he'll wake up and just be playing and chatting in there, and will grab it and stick it in his mouth. He evidently decided that one was not enough.

And a couple others, just for fun:

(The last one is from Easter. It is shockingly difficult to get a remotely decent family shot on self-timer.)


natalie said...

So cute! There's pretty much nothing in this world that is better than a baby when it wakes up from a nap in a good mood. Sleepy and playful and adorable. So great.

Amy Jo said...

Isn't Tangled awesome? "Frying pans, who knew?!" Very cute pictures by the way! Congratulations on your last week of school ever!