Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Updates + Africa Feedback

May has been an absolute whirlwind. To be frank, I'm a little overwhelmed at the thought of writing about it all. So, maybe several posts? Get excited for monthly updates and anniversaries and graduations, oh my!

Also, thank you for the many kind requests for Africa pictures. It has been, um, over 2 months. Since we got back. I am totally lame. I'm considering doing a "daily Africa" photo for a while. So instead of posting 8 kazillion pictures all at once, I'd post at least one a day. What do you think? Would anyone like that/care?


natalie said...

I just want any pictures/a brief description of why you were there, which parts you were in, what you did, etc.

Um. I guess it sounds like I want a big detailed post. :)

Whitney said...

Ditto to natalies comment :)

Amy Jo said...

I am going to break the mold and say that I would love a daily picture! =)

Magical Madi said...

do it!! Please?

Jill, Ty, Megan and Lillian Campbell said...

If it helps, I've found the Picasa collage feature to be a great way to get a few pics in without the burden of having to write a caption for each one, just a general description.

Oh, and I still have done next-to-nothing with our photos from our 2008 trip to India, so... don't feel too bad! :)