Monday, October 6, 2008

Game On

Between the two of us, this week includes:
  • 2 job interviews (addendum: it's actually 3 job interviews)
  • Resume/cover letter drop deadline for top choice job
  • Finance midterm
  • GMAT
  • Grad school applications
  • Busiest possible time at work
  • A trip to NYC
  • And, of course, seminary

We're pointing to left field on this one.


Jackie said...

sounds like a tough bit. but no need to fear, you've got your own personal cheerleader. GGGGGOOOO Team Harbuck!

Missy Johnson said...

Are you both applying to grad school?
I love/hate busy weeks.
And I'm so happy about the Philly temple.
And I miss you.

Natasha said...

Wow crazy life. Hope it is still good among the chaos.

Nick and LaRisse said...

wow. good luck with all that stuff. sounds like a bucket of stress.