Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Passport!

I first sent in my documentation for a new passport probably about 3 months ago. It got sent back to me. I sent it in again. Again, sent back. I'm guessing my photo wasn't up to its requirements both times. So I sent it in for the third time about 3 weeks ago and today my new passport arrived in the mail!

And wow. I have to say, this new passport is AWESOME and I just had to share. I've had 3 or 4 previous passports. And let me tell you, none of them looked like (or changed as much from one to the next) as this one. First of all, it is WAY more patriotic. While in the old ones, you'd open right up to the picture and info page, this one invites you to page through it. You open to a black and white image with words from the national anthem scripted above it. The next has a quote from Abe Lincoln. THEN you flip to the picture/info page, with an eagle pictured in the background across the 2-page sperad, and with the first words of the Constitution written across. I love this, as I'm sure most people (myself included) rarely get the opportunity to read those beautiful words.

After that, you flip through a few informational pages and all the visa pages, all of which have different American scenes in the background accompanied by quotes. Overall, it's just really fantastic and beautiful and touching. :)


Maxine said...

What the - ?! We just got Isaac's passport in the mail today!! This is getting weird...

And yes, I loved the new layout when I got my new passport (seriously, what's not to love?)

Natalie said...

:) Sounds great.

I very much look forward to the day when I get my own.

Oh, and we want to have you over for dinner some Sunday. Would the Harbucks be available the Sunday after Conference weekend?