Monday, April 27, 2009


Unfortunately, I am the type of person whose taste buds decide to become soul mates with something for some indeterminate period of time. And much as Dan enjoys eating the exact same thing for dinner every night for a week, well, not so much. A couple of summers ago, it was Grape Nuts (don't tell my manager) with soy milk and fresh blueberries. Mmm. Random, I know (especially since I refused cereal pretty much throughout my early years) but oh so delicioso. Seriously, I would eat literally 3-4 bowls every day. And crave it when I was eating something else, caving to my vegetable appreciation. What sane person craves Grape Nuts??

Lately it has been Nutella. But not just any old Nutella. Nutella with coconut and bananas (occasionally substituted for strawberries) on toast (or crepes, if available). I won't eat it without any one of those components. No fruit - too sweet; no coconut - too...something. It just doesn't have the same flavor. No Nutella - well then what would be the point of anything?

It's seriously getting ridiculous. This part is especially embarrassing, but I like it on bread that has been sitting out for a little bit so it has that crackly sort of exterior, without actually being toasted through. Lately I've made myself layer on more banana to increase the fruit:carb ratio.

Another dear love is homemade pesto. I made a cilantro bell pepper one yesterday and pretty much want to scoop up the extra with my bare hands.

Am I the only one with insatiable food cravings? What do you crave?


Whitney said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a smoothie while I am having some popcorn. Try it. It is a truly unbeatable combination.

Malinda said...

well, thanks to this post, I am now also craving Nutella. But I can't eat Nutella on bread, only on crackers with peanut butter. :)

Becca said...

I'm sorry, dear. I just can't wrap my taste buds around Grape Nuts. It's like chewing on wheat kernels. Soaked in milk. Bleh. More power to you though, seeing as how it's pretty healthy.

NUTELLA on the other hand - ah... I love. :)

But my most recent absoutely insatiable craving is chocolate soy milk. I cannot get enough of it.

Alex said...

Mmm. When we were in Jerusalem, we had a hazelnut spread called "Licky." And that's just what we would do. Lick everything that it touched, our fingers, the knife we used to spread it on pita bread with and so on. I think that Licky alone is responsible for all the weight I gained there. While not the best, Nutella is an acceptable substitute.

I dig cinnamon rolls right now. Yum.

Maxine Parrish said...

Maxine hearts Preethi. Love the post! Also love oranges. Love the feeling of peeling them (only the ones who peel well, mind you), love the long and tedious process of taking away every last bit of pith, and love the eating of them. Go through 4-5/day during peak craving months.

Emily and Austin Gray said...

I craved Grape Nuts all through my pregnancy with Gavin (though he has yet to develop an appreciation for them outside the womb). Nutella I can't bring myself to eat -- possibly because it's one of the three foods Lucy will actually eat, and the only one with any protein, so we go through a jar a week. The bananas and coconut idea is great -- I'm going to try it with her (and maybe that will get her to eat more bananas!) Thanks for the tip!

Missy Johnson said...

Once upon the time, before the days of uten gluten, I craved Grape Nuts. And Fiber One.

Now I crave curry. Regularly. And Mike thinks I'm crazy because when I eat it I suddenly turn into a small pig and and inhale everything.