Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where my mind goes at night

I got a speeding ticket in my dream last night. Except the officer was going to mail it to me, and when it arrived in the mail, it had my cute little visiting teachee's name on it instead. I, of course, was thrilled since I knew she wouldn't have to pay it, anyway, and it allowed me to escape the wrath of the terrifically unkind Upper Dublin police force.

Total sidenote: did I not already have a ring on an important finger, I would, without question, be sending out invites to my marriage to this weather. The end.


Maxine Parrish said...

That's awesome! Way better than my dream where ghost-y aliens invaded us, zapped my son dead (he turned into a flat ball of pizza dough, probably for ease of transporting around as his grieving mother exacted revenge on those aliens by shooting glowing orbs of fire at them). Oh, but don't worry, one of my glowy fire-orbs brought Isaac back to life. So, uh, all's well that ends well?

Anonymous said...

you stole this from me! haha. i want to marry the sun -- i already claimed him!