Friday, April 3, 2009

Why we married each other

[Intro of who knows what leading up to this.]

Daniel: Yeah, you know, like on Wikipedia where it has the disambiguation.

Preethi: Disambiguation?

D: Yes, that's when you look up, say NBC and it says something like, "This article is about the National Broadcasting Company. For National Bank of the Colonies, click here."

P: Oh. You're so clever to have just made up that example off the top of your head because I'm fairly certain you would have never ACTUALLY looked up the National Bank of the Colonies on Wikipedia.

D: ...

P: So, why is it disambiguation? Why not unabiguation?

D: Or a-ambiguation?

P: Yes, a-ambiguation! Like Asymmetrical. But it would be hard to distinguish between ambiguation and aambiguation. People might get confused and think it's really the opposite of what it is. Maybe that's why aardvark has two "a"s!

D: Yeah! Maybe there's really an ardvark, and an aardvark is the exact opposite of that. Maybe some people saw this new animal and were wondering what it was and someone said, "Well, I know for sure that it is NOT an ardvark! It looks like the exact opposite of that!"


Maxine said...

Love it, love aardvarks (and ardvarks), love YOU!!

natalie said...

Haha. Match made in heaven. Isn't marriage fantastic?

Becca said...

oh i love this :)

i once wondered, if "to dismember" means to take off one's limbs, does "remember" mean to put them back on?

love you!!

Whitney said...

haha thanks for giving me a laugh this morning! I was back in Sheridan last week and met a girl in my mom's ward. Her name is Ann Muldowney (sp) her and her husband are from Philly and just moved to Sheridan. She said she knows you! Yay! Love you!

Lizzie and James said...

I am laughing with tears in my eyes.....Good Times with the Harbucks!

auntie fanny said...

HAHAHA!!! you two are so funny!!

Priya said...

hahahahaha good one