Friday, July 2, 2010

Belated 24

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant. Because I am evidently incapable of both taking and posting pregnancy pictures in a timely manner, here is one from a week ago, at 24 weeks.

I am apparently finally looking pregnant to the random bystander, as several very kind folks offered me their seats on the Metro last week.


Mandy said...

You look so cute! It is nice to be into the 'I look pregnant' phase and out of the 'I look like I just gained extra weight in my stomach' phase.

Amelia and Justin said...

I loved it when people finally started recognizing it :)You look great!

We went to the capitol yesterday and the officers were telling everyone to throw away their water and food, because you can't take anything in. When they got to me, the cop said, "Oh, you take in whatever you need ma'am." Haha, it was awesome :)

Lizzie and James said...

You look so ridiculously adorable!!!Way to pull of being pregnant!

I am totally jealous of your california adventures. My heart belongs there...(well, not in Disney, truth be told that place creeps me out) but La Jolla is the best.

Mary said...

Aww, Preethi! I love this! And I love you!