Thursday, March 6, 2008

Office (Temperature) Olympics

I really just don't get it.

Every morning, I walk into my office and it is absolutely frigid. Not like, okay, it's a little cool in here this morning, but like I'm-going-to-keep-wearing-my-down-coat-so-my fingers-don't-freeze-to-my-morning-breakfast-spoon cold. It's really rather annoying.

But even this could be overcome through layers, sweaters, tights, camel-skin overcoats and the like. I mean, my parents' house never seems to warm up in the wintertime no matter how high you turn on the heat (stupid beautiful lots of windows) and I've managed to survive. The worst part is how it fluctuates like crazy. So every SINGLE afternoon, I have to rip off almost every article of clothing from my overheating my body (eh, modesty) to prevent myself from sweating into a sweaty pool of General Mills sweat-infused goo. It's not fun.

The exception is when it rains, in which case the sun doesn't stream in with its hotsweatinducingradiation rays in the afternoon, so I freeze to death the entire day, instead of just half the day.

And the WORST is today. We have this "planning" session (if you're really that interested in the GMI world of AAWT...abbreviations, acronyms, and weird terminology, let me know...or maybe I'll do a post on that...hmm...) today and we're a conference room. With no windows. And a giant air conditioning Vent of Death.


johnny said...

i love you.
i loathe buildings like that.
i love when you write about them. there i said it so now you know.

Jackie said...

I'm a freelance writer working on a story for the Associated Press about office temperature wars. I'd love to chat with you about your experience, including the dreaded Vent of Death. Can you send me your contact information so we can get in touch?

Thank you,

Jackie Farwell