Thursday, March 27, 2008

One, Two, Three, Stretch

Yet another reason I dislike the winter is that I always feel really out of shape. Since I like bullets, here's why:

a) It's way too cold to go running outside.

b) When it's not too cold, it's decidedly too windy. Which might even be worse than the cold.

c) I could get a gym membership, but by the time I get home and have to change, go over to the gym, etc. etc., I've completely lost my motivation to go. Plus, when I already get home at 6-6:30, I really have no desire to go to the gym at that point.

d) I go through a phase about once a year during which I tell myself that I'm going to get up at the crack of dawn and work out in the morning. Needless to say, my down comforter rudely wraps its tentacles around me and refuses to allow me to get out of bed. The gall.

e) On top of that, if I worked out in the morning, I'd have to shower at the gym, which I dislike, and I'd have to carry all my showering/work stuff with me, which I like even less.

f) I suppose I could go to the gym directly after work. But that would also involve me taking all my stuff with me in the morning, and I would still get home really late. And I sorta just like coming home. That was a lame excuse.

In any case, I really do love running and improving my endurance - when it's warm. For instance, I'd never really been a runner EVER in my life, and last summer, it was really neat to see that as I did it more, I IMPROVED! Who would've thought? So I ended up training for a half-marathon. Needless to say, I'm decidedly out of shape now.

So the other day, my friend Audrey lent me a workout video. Now typically, I feel like workout videos are nice for a sort of "day off" of working out, just for a nice, easy, get-your-heartrate-up-a-little sort of day. And yoga/Pilates is nice for, again, just sort of a slow day. So Roommate Julie and decided to try it out. Here's the sequence of events:

Monday, 6:30pm: Begin video.
M, 6:35pm: Okay, I thought this had several workouts - I guess it's just one long one with various segments. Let's do the whole thing.
M, 6:40pm: Hmm, this is nice, it's getting to the cardio part.
M, 6:45pm: Hello, kickboxing!
M, 6:55pm: I think this might make me a little sore tomorrow. But I'm going to go all out and do the advanced version of what she's doing.
M, 7:15pm: Entering abs Keep going...
Tuesday, 7:30am: I'm sore. Are you sore? I'm definitely sore.
T, 12:45pm: Noticing some more soreness.
Wednesday, 7:05am: Wow. Oh. My. I have to get up. And walk. All the way to the bathroom.
W, 9:10am: [text message] I'm way more sore than yesterday.
W, 9:15am: [reply text] Me too! I was going to text you the same. Ouch!
Wednesday, rest of day: Limping.

Pathetic, I know.

(For those of you curious about the title, think back to that old Saved by the Bell episode when they make that aerobics video. If only I had a leotard as cool as that.)


The Bishop's said...

that epidsode of saved by the bell happens to be one of my all time favorites!

preethi said...

I know! Yay SbtB. How could you not love the Jessie "I'm so excited" freak-out-ness?