Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tomorrow at 6am, Dan & I are heading off to California for a wedding. I'm super excited because a) I love weddings, b) we get to stay with/see several of my cousins and their kids, c) it's in California, and d) Dan & I get to travel together. It's kinda sad, actually, how much I enjoy traveling together. Perhaps because it's somewhat rare that something else isn't vying for our attention (laundry, dishes, cooking, friends, callings, see here). We're all geared up with Pimsleur language training CDs (Dan stopped by the library the other day and picked up, I am not even kidding, FOUR of them: Spanish, Russian, Italian, and joke), movies, and HARRY POTTER!!!

It's true; I married a person who had never before read Harry Potter. Worse, he HAD seen the movies. I know, I know, it's reprehensible - please refrain from judging me, I've done my best, okay? You can throw something at him, but please limit projectiles to soft ones. And he really is making an effort now, and is not one of those who has a bias against it or anything, so that should count for something.

In any case, I am SO EXCITED for us to finally read it together. For those of you who don't know, I happen to think Harry Potter is some of the most engaging, thought-provoking, clever children's literature ever created, and competitive with much adult literature. Plus, it's just so dang fun. And I happen to abhor the movies. Yes, even the fourth one. Yes, even after not comparing them to the books. Sorry.

Plus, I first new I wanted to marry Dan on a plane. :)


Amy Jo said...

I just can't get enough of traveling either! Sounds like you will have a great trip. This is totally off the subject of traveling, but, thank you for putting recipes in your side bar (You have inspired me, I think I might do the same thing!) I am excited to try some! =)

Maxine said...

So exciting! I fully expect your next post to be written in Farsi. ("BEH-sheen" means sit down, you know.)

I'm also glad that you guys are reading HP together - Collin and I had ever so much fun reading Book 2 and listening to Book 4 on CD (that reader is phenomenal!). And we might have stayed up all night reading Book 7 together - but don't get us started on it (we're very disappointed with the ending).

By the way, my word verification code is "mudwqr," which sounds a lot like "mud war." I suggest we all go outside and have ourselves on today!

Natalie said...

Oh Preethi. Sigh. You are adorable. I think I miss you. We need to hang out. Um.... Week after next or something?

If any of us can ever stop being totally swamped with busy-ness, that it!

Natasha said...

I also love traveling with my husband too. It is so nice to get undevoted time to each other. :) I hope you guys have fun. Me and my husband are also obsessed with the Harry Potter books. I had to convince Jesse to read them and he actually likes them more then I do now. :) Hope it goes the same with Dan.

Jonathan said...

hooray for harry potter! make that an extra hip hip hooray for reading harry potter with someone you love. My first potter memories are sitting in the corner of Grant's room during christmas break listening to my mom read to him from book one. I was instantly hooked. Alex and I have read many of them together since. Not only are the books fun and entertaining, they make an excellent platform for together time and off the wall conversation. Right now we are making our way through the His Dark Matter books one of which is the golden compass. Pretty fun. Of course, the best part is just being together and reading. I can't wait until Jackson can actually appreciate a good story. He actually is fascinated with books right now but only the board books because they are so fun to touch and stick in his mouth.

We think you guys are wonderful.

Catherine said...

Thanks for writing a little comment on our blog, I loved it, mostly because I love you and miss you both like a crazy person.
Happy Happy day is when next we meet!