Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Book, Two Book

I used to only be able to read (and focus on) one book at a time. I would get so engaged in that Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Supermystery that there was no way that I would put it down for even a moment to start another.

I've realized lately, though, that I tend to read several books at a time for different occasions. For instance, I'm almost always reading one religious and one non-religious book. I'm also usually reading something with Dan (which I'd feel guilty for reading when he's not home, much as I'd like to), as well as listening to an audiobook for when I run/cook.

So how many books do you usually read at a time? One? Twelve? Do you finish all of them?


Ali said...

With some new books, I'll get so wrapped up in them that they will be the only thing I read until I'm done. But usually I have an audiobook for when I can't sit and turn pages, a book in the diaper bag for waiting during errands (usually this is something I've read before), a book on my iPad for when I'm nursing, and a physical book for reading in the tub.

I have a really hard time NOT finishing a book. Even if it's terrible, I think that maybe it'll redeem itself by the end. It usually doesn't. I've learned to look at Amazon reviews before I start a book, so I can read something I want instead of something that I won't care for!

natalie said...

I'm almost always reading at least two - one fiction and one non-fiction. I need those two broad categories to cover my reading needs for all moods. I'm really into non-fiction these days, but sometimes I'm too tired or stressed to think deeply and need to escape with fiction.

Occasionally, I'll throw in a 3rd book, in Spanish. But I've been pretty lazy with that lately.

I'm with Ali. It is extremely rare for me to not finish a book, even if I suspect it will be terrible the whole way through.

Preethi, are you on goodreads? I'd love to swap booklists with you!

If you are, add me!

Maxine Parrish said...

I'm definitely a one-at-a-time sort of gal. And I have to take long breaks between books, because I tend to read at the detriment of my family and personal hygiene.