Friday, August 19, 2011

21DC Day 5: Belt It

I like belts, as is probably evidenced by the fact that this is the 4th belt in 5 days. So the challenge here was to do something a little different. I'd belted over a shirt, shorts, and cardi/dress. So I heeded Kayla's belt inspiration post and decided to try belting over a scarf.

Yellow seersucker dress: made by me with an old shirt
Blue scarf: Gift from sister (from Peru)
Braided belt: H&M
Necklace-turned-bracelet: Gift from sister-in-law
Bangles: India
Watch: Fossil
Green flats: Payless


Nemesis said...

I think it looks great! If I ever get super brave that is what I am going to try . . .

Visions from the Southern Cross said...

Love your green flats! And yay scarf! You could've tagged me you know. And I'm pretty sure the scarf is from Peru :)