Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Up until now, Nat has been tooth-free. But now, not so much. He's been teething the last two nights and it's making all of us a little crazy. So here's the deal - he's totally happy and cheery and fine during the day. He's still napping just fine. But when it's time to go to bed at night the last two nights, he has just fuh.reaked.out. Like, majorly. This is after trying to put him down 5+ times (usually, we put him down once and he's out cold within about 3 minutes). Last night, he slept in basically 30 minute stretches (in our bed, finally, which meant that I barely got a wink of sleep). We were so concerned that we took him to the pediatrician today since it is just SO atypical for him (he's usually a 7-7er). The pedi was very nice in humoring us but basically said to do Tylenol and ibuprofen and...yeah.

Problem is, we've done both and neither is doing one bit of good. We've tried baby oragel. We've tried letting him suck on ice. We've tried teething rings. We've tried propping his crib mattress ever so slightly (the doctor said some fluid was getting back to his ears and may be causing him pain, although he doesn't have an ear infection, thank goodness). And he just will. not. settle. down.

Seriously, I do not know what to do. And no sleep = one very cranky mama. Any brilliant suggestions? Pleeeease?


Emery's said...

My little Emma is teething right now. It is never very much fun. I use all natural teething tablets. They are little miracles! I get them at Walmart in the baby section. They have helped all my kids sleep through the night. They are great! Good luck! I always dread teething time.

Amelia Poll said...

I have no advice. I really only came by to say how sorry I am. I know, completely unhelpful, but I do know what you are going through. I can say that not all teeth have been hard on Boston - it just kind of depends.

Good luck!

Natasha Varma said...

so i'm not a mom, but i do love stalking mommy blogs (as i do with you!). i've heard that the amber teething necklaces sometimes help. they may be a hippy dippy remedy, but it's worth a try?

Maxine Parrish said...

Teething is a horrid time. Really, truly horrid. Nothing really worked on my boys, either. Those homeopathic teething tablets came the closest though. They're pretty common. If all else fails, just know that it won't last forever! Repeat it to yourself like a mantra all these terrible sleepless nights!

Rebecca Hughes said...

David suggests Valium if the Tylenol doesn't work.

Karisa and John said...

Teething is the worst! We have taken both boys to the doctor before for similar stuff (being inconsolable at night time), and we always get the same, embarrassing response. ("Hmm, nothing wrong... probably just teething.") One night was especially horrible, and John actually tried to cast a devil out of Benson! (Nothing happened, so we guess it's just him.)

I think they're fussier at night instead of the day because there's nothing to distract them at night. During the day, they're busy with lots of interaction and stimulation, and when they're in their crib in the dark, there's nothing to take their mind off of their painful mouth. One idea we tried with Cole as a last resort (and we don't necessarily recommend this) was to put our laptop in the crib (a DVD player would work as well) and turn on Baby Signing Time on the lowest volume and the most dim setting. It took Cole's mind off of his crying, and he'd quickly fall asleep again while watching it.