Saturday, August 20, 2011

21DC Day 6: Unconventional

I was kind of really excited about today. I knew I wanted to tuck a dress into a skirt to be a top, but I wasn't sure how exactly to do it. I also thought it would be fun to use a sari, but those things are dang annoying to keep on for a whole day, and I don't know if you've heard, but DC is HOT in August. So I settled on using an Indian shawl as a skirt and tying it like a sari.
I really loved the colors in this outfit. I never ever in a million trillion years would've thought to put all these together, but I think it was pretty cool. I kind of felt like a weirdo at first, but then I managed to go out for the whole day in the outfit and my confidence progressively increased. I didn't even get any strange looks. Success!

I also unintentionally managed to incorporate aspects from all of the 5 previous days' challenges into today's outfit. Yes!

Yellow dress-turned-shirt: Target (remix item)
Blue shawl-turned-half sari/skirt: India via my mom
White cardi: Gap
Inner belt (into which the shawl is tucked): H&M
Outer headband-turned-belt: H&M
Brown necklace-turned-bracelet: Forever 21
Gold earrings: Brasil
Watch: Fossil
Yellow flats: Target


Ali said...

I agree on the colors! Gorgeous. I never would have thought to make a shawl into a skirt! Any special pinnings so it doesn't unwind?

Kayla said...

Such a pretty color combo! And I think I have to give you a bonus point for incorporating so many challenges into one!!

Freckles in April

preethi said...

Thanks so much! I basically tied a belt pretty tightly and tucked one end in. Then I wrapped it around my back (tucking into the belt along the way) and brought it around to the front on the opposite side. After that, I started the pleats, and then tucked the whole pleated section in. Hopefully that helps!

Maren said...

um. you are amazing. and an overachiever. i like that. but seriously? that is an amazing list of items you are wearing...was it a relief to get them all off at the end of the day???