Friday, August 19, 2011

Classy Kate

Maybe I've got fashion on the brain because of the 21DC, but I seriously think Kate Middleton is one classy lady. I love that her idea of fashion doesn't involve baring it all for the world.



I mean, seriously?? Could that ball gown BE any more gorgeous? Are not the silhouettes on the two right middle gray dresses just so lovely? How do I get my hands on the lace dress? And the yellow one - well, let's just say that I've worn yellow in some form 4 days out 5 so far.

Kudos, Kate (and to your stylists).


Whitney said...

I seriously LOVE Kate! Love, love, LOVE her!

Becca said...

Obsessed with her. I love that you could wear basically all of those dresses with garments. Love love love her.

Visions from the Southern Cross said...

Loveeee Kate! Gorgeous, smart, tres chic, and married to a prince. That's it, I'm dressing up as Kate Middleton for Halloween.

miss said...

I am obsessed with her. I get told all the time that I look like her. And even though it's not true, I absolutely love it.

I posted about her beautiful BAFTA gala gown...seriously...she is so stunning...

And FYI, I am happy to know I should stalk you more regularly again.